The end of the GAP4ALL project

  • The End Of The Gap4all Project
  • The End Of The Gap4all Project

Today we submitted the final report for the GAP4ALL project to NSO. The AgriCoach has been installed for 8.142 G50 groups consisting of more than 400.000 households reaching approximately 2,3 million people at 31-12-2021. In the next 2 years another 300.000 households will be added to the network. This year we will launch the AgriCoach in Sudan and looking for opportunities in Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Burkina Faso.

We are thanking the Dutch government, our partners WeatherImpact, eLeaf, NextView, R2000+ and the Burundi government for the support received.

Our results and the impact of the AgriCoach on the farmers community can be read in the final evaluation report. For organisations interested in adopting the AgriCoach please contact

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