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AgriCoach case studies 2020 - 2021

Administrator Report

A total of three case studies have been conducted to evaluation the AgriCoach as part of the GAP4All project. The case studies investigate in detail the use, appreciation and impact of the AgriCoach in the G50 groups. Each study builds on previous learnings while at the same time the AgriCoach app developed, so each study tested new features.

The end of the GAP4ALL project

Administrator Report

Today we submitted the final report for the GAP4ALL project to NSO. The AgriCoach has been installed for 8.142 G50 groups consisting of more than 400.000 households reaching approximately 2,3 million people at 31-12-2021. In the next 2 years another 300.000 households will be added to the network. This year we will launch the AgriCoach in Sudan and looking for opportunities in Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Burkina Faso.

World Meteorological Day!

Administrator Report

World Meteorological Day takes place every year on 23th March. Please read the blog post of the Netherlands Space Office describing how our smallholders in Burundi are contributing to the necessary ground truth data to validate the ECMWF weather forecast.