AgriCoach case studies 2020 - 2021

Administrator Report

A total of three case studies have been conducted to evaluation the AgriCoach as part of the GAP4All project. The case studies investigate in detail the use, appreciation and impact of the AgriCoach in the G50 groups. Each study builds on previous learnings while at the same time the AgriCoach app developed, so each study tested new features.

The first case study took place over season A 2020 and focusses on how farmers appreciate and use the AgriCoach app and how this information changes their behaviour, cultivation practices and the resulting yield for potatoes.

The second case study took place over season B 2020 and focuses on the use of AgriCoach and impact of the AgriCoach on bean yield.

The third focuses on the evaluation of the features of the C-version, the CropSelector and SeasonalOutlook, and the ability of farmers to cultivate a crop that is unfamiliar to them.

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