G50 as a solution to social cohesion in Projet-Gr1 (Nyanza-Lac/Makamba)

Administrator News

Projet Gr-1 is one of the most dynamic G50s in Nyanza-Lac/Makamba province. Despite the fact that it was formed recently, the members responded massively to the call of coming together, learn and do development projects together.

Before the establishment of the G50s, the population was so divided in Bukeye zone where Projet Gr-1 is located. There were severe trust issues among neighbors because there had been many cases of people poisoning one another. Due to that, there was a lot of hatred among the population and almost zero interactions between them.

When Auxfin brought the G50 approach to them, they grabbed quickly the benefits of teaming up. They understood that if they wanted to go far, they needed to put their efforts together to accomplish more.

Therefore, they joined hands and started group activities, which lead them to knowing one another a little bit more. Group members agreed on putting their guards down and they abandoned old hatred when they started carrying for each other.

Only a few months after starting their G50, Projet GR-1 members have now 6pigs bought with their group savings that they are breeding together as a group. As time goes by, and with more savings from group members, they want to diversify their breeding to goats and cows.