Evelyne Manirambona (Kivoga gr2, Gitega)

Administrator News

Evelyne M. is young wife and mother of one who joined the G50 after getting married to a young man who was already part of it. She tells her story: “I have been using AgriCoach for almost one year eversince I got married. I hired a small land in the previous season, and I planted beans based on AgriCoach techniques. To say the truth, I was very happy with my harvest of beans. We have enough food at home, and from the surplus (40kgs), I bought myself a nice kitenge (African fabric) to wear and other clothes for my husband and my baby. When we are going to church or attending ceremonies we leave the house looking nice”

She also managed to buy two chickens from the money she got after selling her harvest. Those chickens are helping the family to eat more proteins and it is essential for her growing baby.

In addition, she is organizing her daily activities in a better way using the weather information provided in AgriCoach. She knows when to hire workers for the fields, dry out the harvest or seeds, even when to run other errands at the market.