Connecting farmers to market :Sorghum value chain

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In Cankuzo, Cibitoke, Bubanza and Makamba, sorghum is one of the crops that grow well in those areas and farmers cultivate it from a long time. When they harvest it, they consume it as flour in different forms and sell the rest to the market in their localities.

When sold at the market, they measure the sorghum per cup. Because it takes a long time to sell their whole production, they sometimes chose to sell to businesspersons who then cheat them on the price.

Brarudi S.A started buying sorghum from farmers in Cankuzo in 2019 and the G50s started in 2020. Before the introduction of G50 network, farmers use to sell their sorghum to cooperatives who would gather all the sorghum in their storages. Brarudi S.A used to deal directly with cooperatives and pay farmers through them.