Auxfin's Timeline

  • NutritionCoach scaled to 40,000 households
  • FinanceCoach developed, piloted and ready for scaling
  • Number of field activators passed the 800 mark
  • Sales of fertilisers through UMVA platform increased to 7.6 Billion BIF (3.8 million EUR)
  • VSLA App launched in Burundi and Uganda, in collaboration with CARE
  • Director AUXFIN Burundi speaks at the conference “Space for Food Security: on the right track”
  • Partnership agreements signed with 2 commercial banks in Uganda
  • AUXFIN and Tree Aid win the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment in Burkina Faso
  • AgriCoach used by > 400,000 households 
  • Collaboration started with CABI Plantwise, adding pest and disease information to the AgriCoach
  • Successful completion of GAP4ALL project with Netherlands Space Office
  • HealthCoach reaches > 100,000 households
  • AUXFIN established in Uganda 
  • Fair Agro Food wins the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment to start digitizing the gum value chain in Sudan with AUXFIN and ECOSIA
  • Director AUXFIN Burundi pitches at the Food Systems Summit Dialogues
  • NutritionCoach launched and piloted
  • Successful pilot of seed sales on UMVA platform with 3,446 kg of seeds sold
  • Scoping mission Burkina Faso
  • UMVA Remittances celebrates 10th anniversary
  • Burundi 1,4 million families registered
  • Roll out plan to double from 4,000 to 8,000 groups
  • TMEA grant a project for safe trade of seed related to COVID-19
  • Collaboration with ICCO of FinanceCoach started
  • Nicash founded, with the intention to connect the groups to the rural financial services
  • RABO ACORN Carbon Credits pilot, first Carbon Credit project in AUXFIN 
  • UNICEF NutritionCoach project started
  • WFP local sourcing further developed
  • Scoping mission Uganda
  • New UMVA tablet designed and manufactured
  • AgriCoach used by 20,000 households with proven positive impact
  • COVID-19 version of HealthCoach made available
  • Offline app technology for all our apps introduced for low/no connectivity areas
  • Full Value Chain management solution implemented, including input distribution, collection, validation and direct payment
  • AgriCoach V1a successfully launched in Burundi on the UMVA tablet.
  • 3.300 farmers/households are using the weatherforecast to better plan their agricultural activities
  • Smart farming geodata platform implemented into the UMVA system
  • REGISTRATION APP launched for on line and off line use
  • MAPPING APP launched for on line mapping
  • GIZ awards grant to AUXFIN and partners for IDDEA project in UGANDA
  • UMVA PAYMENT APP and POS APP used for rainmetering in Burundi
  • JEANNE tool for communication and chatbot used for M&E
  • Scoping mission Sudan
  • start potato supply chain Kenya
  • Waterwatch included
  • NSO awards grant to AUXFIN and partners for GAP4A project in Burundi
  • UMVA and PosteCash Senegal announce interoperability
  • AUXFIN and UMVA present at IFAD marketplace in UN headquarters in New York.
  • Launch of UMVA in Mali with support from Mastercard Foundation's Fund for Rural Prosperity
  • Connecting UMVA solutions with GEO DATA
  • JEANNE tool for communication and chatbot, with incident reporting
  • AFDB commissioned market study for the introduction of UMVA in Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso
  • Introduction of UMVA in Italy with support from IOM
  • Scoping mission in Lebanon to enable Cash Assistance with UMVA
  • Burundi growing to 170.000 families (1 million people)
  • POSTE-CASH with UMVA link with 3000 access points in Senegal
  • UMVA COOP fase 1 implemented
  • GEO developed
  • SALPOST introduces POSTUMVA in Sierra Leone on 16th of June, the international day of family remittances
  • UMVA projects in Burundi reach 30.000 families
  • CAP solution introduced, with 6 pillars
  • UMVA AGENT introduced
  • AfDB provides a grant to our partner in Senegal to leverage the UMVA service towards financial inclusion
  • Study to use UMVA in refugee camps in Kurdistan
  • Introduction of community activation in Burundi
  • Rabobank funds our partner in Senegal to introduce the UMVA service across its branch network
  • Introduction of UMVA in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Creation of AUXFIN Burundi
  • First implementation for payment process on the PSEB fertilizer project
  • Introduction of UMVA in France
  • Development of UMVA LOAN solution
  • school registration system installed in Nepal
  • Introduction of UMVA in Spain
  • UMVA Bank developed with focus on SACCO’s

  • Birth of AUXFIN International to boost the implementation of the UMVA solutions
  • Launch of UMVA pilot in Senegal with support from IFAD
  • UMVA Client developed with focus on international transfers