G50s and the UMVA platform Mid-term evaluation of the AUXFIN Burundi programme

During April- May 2022 a short mid-term evaluation was conducted of the project ‘G50/UMVA expansion’ funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bujumbura. The evaluations is meant to be conducted by an independent and external consultant.

The objectives of the Intermediate External Evaluation are:  

1) Evaluate the overall appreciation by G50 members, local authorities, and input suppliers (fertilizer and seeds) of AUXFIN, the G50 approach and UMVA platform

2) Establish the level of achievement of activities and outputs by AUXFIN Burundi under the EKN contracts ‘G50/UMVA expansion’ and Amendments, as well as related activities. Activities part of the EKN contracts ‘G50/UMVA expansion’ and Amendments are found in the main text, as well as related activities of AUXFIN Burundi.

3) Make recommendations how activities can be improved and identify any needed adjustments

4) Propose what actions need to be taken in order to sustain the project’s achievements at the end of the project (end 2023) after financing by EKN. 

The evaluation should respect the six OECD criteria for evaluating interventions: relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability.

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