• ICCO and AUXFIN join forces to develop agricultural value chains

    ICCO and AUXFIN join forces to develop agricultural value chains and to boost digital financial inclusion in rural areas

    In order to support agribusiness activities in Burundi, ICCO COOPERATION and AUXFIN have decided to combine their efforts to jointly support the development and financing of   ....read more

  • Registration of farmers

    The Government of Burundi continues to make efforts to improve agriculture. A good improvement of agriculture requires a good knowledge of farmers. Through its PNSEB program (National program for fertilizers subsidy), farmers obtain chemical fertilizers at subsidized prices. It is important   ....read more

  • AUXFIN Burundi welcomes UN's second edition of World Bicycle Day

    Last year, the UN's General Assembly decided to declare 3 June World Bicycle Day, acknowledging the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries, and that it is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally   ....read more


AUXFIN aims to deliver financial solutions that are accessible to all, including vulnerable populations with low literacy and numeracy skills, limited access to internet, no- or low access to electricity, and limited experience with mobile and other technologies.


The vision of AUXFIN is to develop value networks accessible to all. This leads to development of the Rural Financial ECO System and the ICT infrastructure; with the development of the Migrant Financial ECO System and the use of remittances as a financial catalyst for rural development; enabling capacity building, financial inclusion and economic development.


The mission of AUXFIN is: 'Financial Access for All'. This means to deliver, against very low prices, basic elementary banking functions such as registration, savings, loans and payments. However, recognizing that some vulnerable participants may require additional assistance to complete a transaction, trained agents and digital coaches are foreseen in our community activation platform. Delivering solutions that offer an appropriate balance between accessibility for all users, while still offering efficiency and transparency gains, is our daily challenge.Several types of organizations can use the platform free of charge, leading to fast and scalable installations and a large user-base. The many transactions result in big data that is the basis for development plans of Government and NGO's.

To deliver on our mission we use 3 main solutions: UMVA, AUX-EL and Jeanne.

UMVA (Universal Method of Value Acces) is a set of interconnected solutions that forms the backbone of our work and consists of:

  • UMVA CLIENT, the e-banking solution for members
  • UMVA BANK, the core banking solution in the cloud
  • UMVA LOCAL, the banking solution for locations without internet
  • UMVA AGENT, the solution for the last mile
  • REG REP, the registration solution for cooperatives, schools and hospitals
  • UMVA COOP, the core management solution for Cooperatives
  • GEO UMVA, the GEO database solution

AUX-EL is the e-Learning tool for UMVA users providing online courses that are tailor-made to the skills and needs of the users.

Jeanne is the digital coach with chatbot technology.

Cornelis Heesbeen
CEO, Founder of AUXFIN, UMVA and AUXEL

Cornelis Heesbeen has more than 40 years work experience, 7 years in Finance in Developing countries, 17 years in Information Technology with companies like Airport Schiphol, SAP and i2Technologies, 17 years in accounting. AUXFIN INTERNATIONAL is incorporated in 2013.

Marco van Andel
Chief Operating Officer

Marco van Andel has more than 20 years work experience, 10 years in Finance in Developing countries, most notably in Mozambique and Senegal, and 10 years in Insurance. Marco holds a degree in Business Administration for the Financial Sector of Free University of Amsterdam and a Master in Development Economics from Sussex.

Mark van den Brink
Chief Financial Officer

Mark van den Brink has more than 20 years work experience as a Finance Director in particularly fast growing software organizations. A seasoned financial who drives change being focused on results with international expertise in highly changing environments. Been part of several acquisitions, mergers and investments. Mark holds a bachelor degree in Financ/Accounting.

Sabin Maharjan
Development Manager

Sabin has more than 13 years work experience. The organization develops the UMVA Platform since 2011. Sabin holds a bachelor degree in Computer technology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal. AUXFIN Nepal is incorporated on 2011.

Yannick Chokola
Territory Manager AUXFIN Burundi / Financial Inclusion Expert

Yannick has more than 7 years work experience. The team works on UMVA projects since 2013. Yannick holds a bachelor in computer science at Université du lac tanganyika, Burundi. AUXFIN Burundi is incorporated in 2016.

Sujata Joshi
Senior Graphics Designer/ QA

Bikram Maharjan
Team Leader

Samjhana Tuladhar
Senior Developer

Atish Maharjan
Senior Developer

Jayan Kapali
Senior Developer

Shajish Manandhar
Senior PHP Developer

Niroj Maharjan
Senior Developer

Rojma Shrestha

Samir Prajapati

Merisha Maharjan

Dipesh  Gnaawali

Lina Maharjan

Shreejala Tuladhar

Sajan Awale

Prakriti Gautam

Aishu Ghimire

Nilaa Manandhar

Gita Bhandari

Aline Karine Niyondiko
Fields activities monitoring officer

Freddy Ditutu Kambayi
Consultant Financial Inclusion/ Team Leader

Irakoze Chaddia
Financial Consultant

Yves Patrick Iradukunda
Marketing/Sales Representative

John Watitwa

Christine Christine
Functional Consultant

Ruth Wanzala
Functional Consultant

Jacklyne Ominde
Functional Consultant

Rael Dinnah
Functional Consultant

Diane Umuringi
International Consultant

Awaz Xozi

Dilkhaz Ahmad

Reber Issa

Shaveen Najim


In Senegal AUXFIN works through partnership agreements, with U-IMCEC being the main partner since 2011.


In Mali AUXFIN works through partnership agreements, with PROSEMA being its main partner.

  • 2018


    • NSO awards grant to AUXFIN and partners for GAP4A project in Burundi
    • UMVA and PosteCash Senegal announce interoperability
    • AUXFIN and UMVA present at IFAD marketplace in UN headquarters in New York.
    • Launch of UMVA in Mali with support from Mastercard Foundation's Fund for Rural Prosperity
    • Connecting UMVA solutions with GEO DATA
    • JEANNE tool for communication and chatbot, with incident reporting
  • 2017


    • AfDB commissioned market study for the introduction of UMVA in Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso
    • Introduction of UMVA in Italy with support from IOM
    • Scoping mission in Lebanon to enable Cash Assistance with UMVA
    • Burundi growing to 170.000 families (1 million people)
    • POSTE-CASH with UMVA link with 3000 access points in Senegal
    • UMVA COOP fase 1 implemented
    • GEO developed
  • 2016


    • SALPOST introduces POSTUMVA in Sierra Leone on 16th of June, the international day of family remittances
    • UMVA projects in Burundi reach 30.000 families
    • CAP solution introduced, with 6 pillars
    • UMVA AGENT introduced
  • 2015


    • AfDB provides a grant to our partner in Senegal to leverage the UMVA service towards financial inclusion
    • Study to use UMVA in refugee camps in Kurdistan
    • Introduction of community activation in Burundi
  • 2014


    • Rabobank funds our partner in Senegal to introduce the UMVA service across its branch network
    • Introduction of UMVA in Belgium and the Netherlands
    • Creation of AUXFIN Burundi
    • First implementation for payment process on the PSEB fertilizer project
  • 2013


    • Introduction of UMVA in France
    • Development of UMVA LOAN solution
    • School registration system installed in Nepal
  • 2012


    • Introduction of UMVA in Spain
    • UMVA Bank developed with focus on SACCO’s
  • 2011


    • Birth of AUXFIN International to boost the implementation of the UMVA solutions
    • Launch of UMVA pilot in Senegal with support from IFAD
    • UMVA Client developed with focus on international transfers