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  • An example of an UMVA installation in Burundi

    In Burundi AUXFIN has installed the UMVA platform to support the fertilizer distribution of PAN-PNSEB, a national program to receive subsidized fertilizer for small holder farmers. In total we have 640.000 smallholders families in our platform. To support the low income families we have developed and installed an agent solution. The Agent is the Group leader, as i this video the leader of G50. He is connected to the MFI in Burundi called COOPEC. Every member has his individual transaction account in UMVA CLIENT. An UMVA transaction account is a more then a bank account, it is also a payment, product, message and reporting account. The agent organizes the finances for his group, deposits, withdraw, savings and loans. On top of the financial transactions the Agent is able to order products for his members in the group, such as fertilizer, seed or solar. By entering the product and quantity for a member he is able to place the orders automatically and the member will pay on line. The platform is also capable of sales of agricultural products.

    The platform in Burundi is also used for reporting of the ordered and paid fertilizer, by all levels, such as group, village, commune, province etc.