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  • About CASC

    We have renewed the website of Migrant services. CASC is using it. The website is user friendly and easy to use. There are sections for Associations and Groups. The migrant association can be listed in Association Section. The CASC may have different groups like SOCCER group, UMVA group, Women group etc. They can be listed in Group.

    There is login section for CASC site admins. The site admins are created by administrator of CASC website. The site admins can login using their username and password, after login they can edit the website contents according to their permission.

    Site admins can create users for a “Association” and “Group”.

    By clicking “Add admin” in Association section and Group section we can create admins for respective articles in Association and Group. So the authorized admins can manipulate assigned article only.

    Likewise, the associations and groups can be added.
    In “important Link” section, the related and useful website links can be added, edited and deleted.

    Languages are connected to 2 parts, the GUI, Graphical User Interface, that is the fixed area on the site and the Content, the text. The site admin can change the article in different languages using their authorized username and password.

    There is also a language translation tool for changing the same article in different languages.

    After login, the “Edit” button will be enabled and changing of the text can be done.

    To write the article in different languages, for example select Spanish language form dropdown list and replace the existing content with equivalent Spanish content, and save !!

    When we change the language form dropdown list, respective content in specific language will appear.