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  • Dominique Mpfanokurera (Rushombo gr5- Karusi)

    Dominique Mpfanokurera (Rushombo gr5- Karusi)

    I cultivate maize and beans because those are the crops that grow really well in our region. Before I discovered AgriCoach, I used to waste a lot of energy planting my seeds anyhow in the field. I remember I could plant one pot of beans and not be able to harvest 50kgs. As soon as I started applying the knowledge I got from AgriCoach, I harvested 100kgs on the same plot using a very small amount of seeds and there I knew that this thing is real!” shares Dominique M.

    For maize, he planted 3kgs and harvested 150kgs. He was amazed at the results because he had had very bad experiences with his maize plantations. Many times, he did not a good harvest, not even enough to feed his family. Because he would plant without considering the weather, sometimes, there was no maize on the plants at all and he was forced to use the grass to cover the ground of his coffee plantation and feed his cow.

    Dominique continues saying: “From the money I got from my beans and maize harvest, I added a small amount and bought a plot of land at 300.000BIF. I made sure I leave enough food at home for my family before selling anything. I also managed to buy a small solar panel for my household so that at night my family enjoys some light in the house.”