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  • Firmin Hakizimana, group leader of Nyabikenke gr1- Kayanza

    Firmin Hakizimana, group leader of Nyabikenke gr1- Kayanza

    AgriCoach was introduced in Nyabikenke Group in 2017, but members started using it two years ago. In the first year, it was like a training. They were afraid to try it out on large scale; therefore, it became productive in the second year of usage.

    “I used AgriCoach on maize in the second year and from my harvest I bought a calf for 550.000BIF. For beans, it did not come out well because it started to rain heavily before they matured and the harvest got affected.” Says Firmin H.

    In the last season, He got a very satisfying harvest of maize. He planted around 17kgs of maize seeds and got 500kgs of maize flour that He is selling in his small shop. In addition, Firmin H. has a child who is studying the University; he is able to send him money regularly from the sale of his harvests.

    He also capable of meeting his family needs in terms of food and clothing with the money he gets from his maize, and can save enough for fertilizers. Firmin H. has a permanent subscription for medical insurance for him and his entire family, all of that is made possible through the good harvests he has been gathering using AgriCoach knowledge.