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  • AgriCoach Testimonial: the story of Esperance Nshimirimana (Kivoga gr2, Gitega)

    The story of Esperance Nshimirimana (Kivoga gr2, Gitega)

    Esperance has been using AgriCoach for two years now. They learn the agricultural practices in the group, and the first yearn they all tried out selected seeds of maize. “From 2kgs of seeds, I was amazed to harvest more than 150 kgs of maize. I was assured that this project came to help us fight against hunger because before we could cultivate but we had not enough food always. Now, we have a good harvest from which we get food for our families, and enough supply to sell and get some income to use on other needs.” Shares Esperance N.

    She says that the work became much organized because the videos shown in the tablets demonstrate every detail from the plantation to harvesting.

    “From my first harvest using AgriCoach, I did not buy anything. My mum fell very sick, and fortunately I had the means to take her to the hospital, pay for her bill, and buy all the medication she had been prescribed. It prevented me from asking for debts around. This season, I bought a small pig that is going to help me to get compost.” Tells Esperance N.