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  • James Habiyambere (Rushombo gr1-Bugenyuzi, Karusi)

    James Habiyambere (Rushombo gr1-Bugenyuzi, Karusi)

    James H. is young man who cultivates beans, maize, and eggplants. He started using AgriCoach from September 2020. “Before learning good agricultural practices, I never used to reach 50kgs of harvest. Eversince I learned new techniques through videos, I gained a lot of knowledge. For beans I harvested 270kgs, and for maize, I harvested 400kgs with half a kilo of seeds on my first try of AgriCoach.”

    The weather information contained in AgriCoach helps him to know when to call in daily workers for his fields, but also to know when to dry out the harvest or seeds when needed.

    “From the money I received from the sale of my first big beans and maize harvest, I paid 25.000BIF to the administration to get a place at the market when they were distributing business spots. I built there a house that will serve as a small shop later. Moreover, from the money I got from my eggplant harvest, I started out a hair salon at the market.”

    In this past season, James H. bought a calf using the money he got from his beans harvest. He also acquired a small plot of land that he bought at 370.000BIF in which he is planning to plant potatoes in the next agricultural season.

    James Habiyambere is slowly becoming an affirmed businessperson all of that because of the benefits of using AgriCoach techniques on his crops.