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  • AgriCoach Testimonials: Fabien Maniratunga group leader of Kivoga gr2-Gitega

    Fabien Maniratunga group leader of Kivoga gr2-Gitega

    Fabien M. started using AgriCoach on beans three years ago. After watching the movies in the tablet, he changed his ways of cultivating and applied what he was being taught. On one acre, he planted 5kgs of beans and harvested around 200kgs. Later, he tried out maize. He planted 3kgs of selected seeds on 2 acres, and got around 400kgs.

    “From the time when I started using AgriCoach, I am amazed at the results. Back then, I could plant maize but never saw any benefit from it. My kids used to finish it roasting them one by one and we could get a little flour from it to eat but it could not sustain us for long. Now, my kids eat as much as they want, and I still have more than enough to sell.” Tells Fabien M.

    From his harvest, he buys clothes for his entire family and he can socialize with other men at the bar because he has the means to buy beer. He saves regularly for fertilizers and if anyone falls sick in his family, he easily takes them to the hospital. He is also able to buy school materials for his kids.

    “In the three years I have spent using AgriCoach, I managed to buy animals. I have now two pigs, and three goats. I bought them progressively as I continued to apply the knowledge I get from AgriCoach.”Says Fabien M.