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  • AUXFIN and CABI in Burundi

    AUXFIN and CABI proudly kicked of their collaboration in Burundi. AUXFIN is re-enforcing the pest and disease information in the AgriCoach based on the information and pictures in the PlantWise knowledge bank. Agronomists of AUXFIN are joining the plant doctor trainings on integrated pest management and make pictures and movies to add to the AgriCoach.

    ‘For AUXFIN the PlantWise knowledge bank is a great international resource to have access to the latest scientific insights on how smallholder farmer can best treat pest and diseases. Meanwhile AUXFIN helps CABI to add the Kirundi language to their database’ André Jellema

    ‘During the workshop on integrated pest management I learned about different methods of control (biological, cultural and chemical) for a sustainable agricultural production. The workshop emphasized the inconvenience of using pesticides in the fight against diseases and pests and their potential impact of destroying’


    Whereas AgriCoach is meant to be used and applied by the small holder farmers directly in the field, the plant doctors and the clinics will be consulted when the situation in the field is not clear to them. AUXFIN will help CABI to communicate the date when plant clinics are held and guide the farmers in their network towards the plant doctors to solve their problems.

    ‘AUXFIN’s direct communication to their G50 network of 400.000 connected farm households will be a great support to get our plant clinics where our area of operation overlaps’

    Willes Ochillo MSc

    ‘AUXFIN is helping CABI to get a soft landing in Burundi. We have invited AUXFIN to our project steering committee’

    dr. Peter Karanja

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