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  • Rural development, a woman's business too!

    Hakizimana Chantal

    Hakizimana Chantal joined AUXFIN Burundi in January 2014. She worked as a Field Agent; her task was to register farmers in the PNSEB program as a data collector and analyst.

    Chantal H. recounts her beginnings: “I left the University in April 2013 and I got married in December of the same year, to later join the company in January 2014. Being away from the family to go to work in the field after only a month of marriage was not easy. The fieldwork was very difficult because I was not used to it”.

    Chantal Hakizimana is proud of the objectives she has set for herself and achieved. When she was still in school, she dreamed of serving the community and she believes that God granted her the chance to do so through Auxfin Burundi. In addition, as a woman, she participates in the consolidation and development of the country and her family.

    “I learned lessons. The first is that little by little we can. Seeing the evolution of Auxfin is wonderful. Personally, I have acquired a lot of knowledge. First, I, who had done Literature at the University, became computer literate by training, thanks to Auxfin. Now, I take great pride in handling electronic equipment. Auxfin has helped me a lot to integrate into the digital world."

    In addition, seeing how the G50s are organized today, it is encouraging for field agents like Chantal who have trained them since their creation until today. At first, G50 members did not understand the benefits of being part of it. Even when they did join, it was with speculation to get donations. They sometimes lied about their conditions in the information they gave us during the recordings because they hoped for material help after that. Currently, the constitution of the G50 is secure and members see an interest of their own.

    AUXFIN is working hard to see the G50s capable of being fully independent so that they can solve the various problems they face on their own.