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  • From data entry operator to Master Activator, David Kibeya’s journey

    David Kibeya

    David Kibeya joined AUXFIN in late 2014. At that time, he was a data entry operator in PNSEB farmer registration.

    At first, David K. encountered challenges that did not make it easy for him. It was difficult for him to sensitize the local population to respond massively to the call for registrations in the G50. He was exposed, among other things, to the real problems of rural populations such as having resources and not knowing how to make them fruitful.

    “It took a lot of perseverance and patience for the PNSEB database to see the light of day despite all these problems encountered, but also to set up the G50s in rural areas and follow them with a very specific weekly activity plan. »Says David Kibeya.

    By working in the community, David K. was able to broaden his horizons by being at the forefront of the field activities that were done in the different provinces where Auxfin operated. He acquired a lot of knowledge in rural communities that he could not have learned anywhere else.

    David K. traces the evolution of the G50s saying: “Today’s G50s are well supervised and monitored because they have the tools and materials (tablets, digital coaches) to learn how to have good quality production. All this allows them to develop their households at a lower cost thanks to the information received in real time compared to those of the time when they did not have all these advantages ”.

    David Kibeya wishes to see the G50 develop further so that they achieve a change in mentality on all fronts and in a sustainable way.