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  • Jacqueline Nyamibara (Nyabikere gr-2 Kayanza)

    Jacqueline Nyamibara

    Jaqueline N. is a mother of four who struggles to make ends meet. To have some cash, she has to go around the neighborhood looking for daily jobs to cultivate for others. Jacqueline N. used to mix beans and maize in one small field and she never used to reap anything especially for maize. She would not even get maize to roast for her kids.

    “Last year, I decided to try out AgriCoach on a small plot of land I had, and planted one kilogram of maize. I harvested two sacks of maize and my until this date I still have maize flour in the house for family consumption.”says Jacqueline N.

    Now, the money she gets from her digging jobs, she is able to save it and use it to change the diet of her kids sometimes.