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  • From KA to MA, Ernest Mbonabuca‚Äôs journey of service to his community.

    From KA to MA, Ernest Mbonabuca’s journey of service to his community.

    Ernest Mbonabuca is a 33-year-old young man who lives in Karusi, in Nyabikere commune. At the end of his studies, he was first unemployed for a while before being hired as a Key Activator for Auxfin Burundi. He then started farming bananas and other crops to meet his daily needs.

    "It is in June 2017, that I got selected to be an Activator of AUXFIN in the GATONDE zone, one of the three zones of the NYABIKERE commune in the KARUSI province. My job was to supervise and monitor the activities of the G50s in the GATONDE Zone on the ground for two goals: SOCIAL INLUSION and FINANCIAL INCLUSION.

    At the beginning, the work was hard for me, because I was directly confronted with the problems of group members, but also I was lacking in computer knowledge. However, as the Kirundi proverb says "AKAGUMYE BAGUMAKO" (it takes hard work on a difficult task), to accomplish my mission well, I was committed to fully understanding the problems of G50 members so that I can serve better.

    Now, I am making good progress in mastering new technologies. AUXFIN gave me a lot of knowledge in IT, social inclusion and financial inclusion through its different applications that we use to mentor the members of the G50. »Says Ernest Mbonabuca.

    In 2019, Ernest Mb. was promoted to the position of Super Activator of two zones of the NYABIKERE municipality: GATONDE and RUGWIZA. After this appointment, the pace of work accelerated to strengthen the G50 network in collaboration with Key Activators. It was after this that he was appointed to the post of Senior Super Activator of NYABIKERE commune at the end of 2020.

    "Now, I am proud of the fruit of my efforts because AUXFIN BURUNDI has just appointed me to be the Master Activator of the NYABIKERE municipality from the beginning of July 2021." reveals Ernest Mbonabuca.

    The farmers of NYABIKERE grouped in the G50 see their life conditions improving a lot thanks to the knowledge and the advantages that AUXFIN has provided for them through different applications. AUXFIN is gradually ejecting the mentality of rural populations who have long believed that they could not accomplish anything without humanitarian aid by teaching them to take charge of their own development through to the hard work of field agents.