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  • Social inclusion: Success story of Shadrack Niyonkuru from Karusi

    Shadrack Niyonkuru is a group leader from Kanyereza GR1, Nzibariba area, Buhiga district in Karusi province. In his group, the G50's approach has helped them take care of their respective needs by cultivating for each other. They plan ahead of time, get together and go to work in one of their fields. In return, the owner(one of the group members) pays them 300bif each to work from early morning until 11am.

    “Because of this mutual aid, we no longer have to hire daily workers who cost us food and money. We will work in a single field, get paid 300bif and return home at 11 am to eat from there ”explains Shadrack Niyonkuru.

    In addition, when one of them from the G50 falls sick and is admitted to the hospital, they can pay for his medical insurance. Sometimes it is a family member who gets sick; they also support the family. The group members continue to work in the field in the absence of the sick member or they pay his hospital bill and he can return home as soon as he is cured.

    “On the other hand, we have a common field that belongs to the whole group. To get this land, we started cultivating for each other as a group for about 5 months. When we got the money that we had been working for, we gathered it and looked for someone who had land of almost an acre and we rented it. In this property, we implement the good agricultural practices learned through Agricoach, and each member of the group learns goes to apply the knowledge in his own field ”says Shadrack N.

    Being in a G50 is indeed useful for members who understand all of its advantages.

    Social inclusion: success story of Shadrack Niyonkuru from Karusi