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  • PNSEB before and after N'iCash

    We all know that to obtain good and satisfactory results in agriculture, fertilizer is essential. Nevertheless, it was not always easy for farmers to have access to these fertilizers because it was necessary to go to the municipality to pay the advances that is to say to travel sometimes 10, 20 or 30 km to get there. Others could spend the night at the commune because there were a lot of people for one or two counters and the operations were manual; which took much longer to register. The same exercise was done for the payment of balances and finally the collection of fertilizers. That is to say that the small producer should travel at least 3 times the same distance to have access to fertilizers. Even more, the payment period did not correspond to the major period of availability of money in the community. This is how many, for lack of means, could not buy these subsidized fertilizers.

    After introducing N'iCash and the G50 approach in the PNSEB, things have completely changed. Now, farmers save every week according to their means in the G50 group via N'iCash until the fertilizer order period. The group leader uses the tablet to record and place orders per person via N’icash/ UMVA. PNSEB managers receive orders in real time, so the report is sent instantly. For small producers, there are no more lines and long distances to travel to get fertilizer.

    PNSEB before and after N'iCash