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    For AUXFIN it is essential to have direct communication with our G50 groups. The G50 groups are the only ones who know what really goes on in the communities. To help collecting direct feedback from the groups, AUXFIN has developed the JEANNE chatbot. Every week the JEANNE chatbot asks short and simple questions in the local language and the group leaders responds. Their aim is to get insight in the situation or problems in the group, and measure the impact of different Auxfin projects that are ongoing in the community. This data collection is for project management, monitoring and evaluation, communication etc.

    G50 groups enjoy filling in the questions, as they are about their daily situation and it gives them a feeling that they are being supported. The chatbot will also give bits of information and feedback, to make it feel like a usual conversation.

    How does it work?

    The project manager chooses the topic of the week and send questions about it. Since Jeanne App is a chatbot, the questions are sent one by one as the group leader responds. To make it easier for group leaders, Jeanne proposes to choose answers in multiple choices.

    Also, group leaders can make incident reports in real time directly through Jeanne App which allows the intervention to be done quickly.

    In the near future, an offline version will be available and more categories besides weekly questions and incident reports such as training evaluations and special surveys will be added to make Jeanne more efficient.

    JEANNE APP and its users