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  • Success story of Asterie Nahimana, Ntita GR1

    Astérie Nahimana is a woman who leads the G50 in Ntita GR1, in Makebuko-Gitega. She is a widow who raised her 5 kids all by herself with courage and determination. Besides being a Group leader in G50, she also leads several other VLSAs from two organizations in her community. She combines leading those groups with being the one and only veterinary of her community. She is a trustworthy woman, who serves as a role model for younger women.

    Ever since she joined the G50 network in 2017 and started learning new agricultural practices through AgriCoach, she managed to grow good yields in her fields. With the money she gets from her veterinary activities and the sale of some of her yields, she was able to send all of her kids at school until they finished their studies and she can supply as well to other households needs.

    Astérie has also been able to buy plots of lands in which she uses AgriCoach methods and continue to enjoy good yields.

    Being both a G50 group leader and a VSLAs leader, a farmer and veterinary all at the same time, Astérie Nahimana proves very well that rural women are superheroes in the community and can achieve so much with the right dose of willpower and the right information. She is an example in her locality because she did not dwell on her sorrow of being a widow and start begging in the streets. She worked hard to ensure all her kids get education and never lack anything all of that through her sweat. We salute such heroines!

    Success story of Asterie Nahimana