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  • Success story Chadrack, a group leader form Karusi

    Chadrack is a young group leader of a G50 in Karusi. He has only been the group leader for one year, but managed to make a real change. He has mobilised all group members to join the weekly meeting, where they take one hour for saving and other topics and one hour to discuss AgriCoach.

    Chadrack explains: “AgriCoach is important to us because agriculture is our life. We are farmers and AgriCoach is a respond to our questions. Last season our group choose to learn about beans, potato and soja. We look at the text and the movies. We discuss the movies with the group. Some people will ask questions. And then we will simulate the activity at the field to show how it should be done. First we go to my field and we watch the movies to see how it should be done. Then the following days we go to others. Group members are very interested, they are asking me to show the activities. I like to do that.”

    The G50 approach improved the social cohesion in the group. Chadrack: “Before the G50 groups there was help between two neighbours. But now with G50 the whole group is helping . Before G50 we did not have money to help as there are no savings. Now they have savings for individual as well as savings for groups.”

    Success story Chadrack – group leader form Kayanza
    Success story Chadrack – group leader form Kayanza