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  • AgriCoach: Success story of Eric, a rice farmer

    After their first experience with AgriCoach, farmers have booked success on their own. We share some stories of farmers that took matters into their own hands to improve their yield with the help of AgriCoach.

    Eric is a Key Activator in Mwoya colline, Buhiga commune in Karusi province. As a Key Activator for AUXFIN, he assists G50 groups with their meetings and activities. After teaching groups on the AgriCoach, he started to apply information on his own plot as well.

    He grows rice in the marsh of Nyabiho. Rice cultivation is customary, but the productivity of his plot had not been satisfactory. With help of AgriCoach, he changed his practices. Now, he was able to determine the good quality of seedlings to be transplanted, the density of transplanting, the amount of fertilizer, water management and other cultural care by following the crop calendar indicated in AgriCoach. At this moment, his plot differs from other neighbouring plots, his plants have more vigour and he is expecting a good yield. He has an average of 15 stalks while the neighbouring plots have only 3 stalks. The difficulty he encountered is the attack of rats which eat the stalks, and asks to incorporate rat control methods into AgriCoach

    Currently the Pest and Disease information is being expanded, to help combat these issues.

    Eric, a rice farmer
    Eric, a rice farmer's crop