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  • AgriCoach: Success story of Marguerite, a dry peas farmer

    After their first experience with AgriCoach, farmers have booked success on their own. We share some stories of farmers that took matters into their own hands to improve their yield with the help of AgriCoach.

    Marguerite is a farmer and member of a G50 from the Buhiga commune in Karusi province. After seeing good results on her potato field by using the AgriCoach she started using the app for other crops as well, starting with dry peas.

    She had tried to grow dry peas in combination with beans, potatoes and maize, but her yield had been poor since she started growing it. She was not trained in good agricultural practices by the public extension services. With AgriCoach app, she learned it was possible for her to grow dry peas in the marsh in the dry season (season C) and now she could also learn the good practices. So she took the initiative to start the adventure of cultivating it following the information contained in AgriCoach.

    Marguerite was very happy with the yield of the plot, even though she had issues with birds that took a part of her yield. She was very impressed with the vigor of the plants and noted the plants were much higher than she is used to. AgriCoach helped her to control the sowing density. Previously, she sowed messy, with a high sowing density and she had no overview what activities needed to take place or when. As a recommendation she asks to integrate bird control methods into AgriCoach.

    Marguerite, a dry peas farmer
    Marguerite, a dry peas farmer's crop