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  • Case-study report of Agricoach Evaluation

    As part of the Monitoring and Evaluation of the GAP4A project, AUXFIN is performing two case-studies with farmers to evaluate the AgriCoach app. The first case study was held over the short growing season of last year (September 2019 until January 2020). The results of this case study are published in a report that can now be downloaded here. The report describes how farmers appreciate and use the AgriCoach app and how this information changes their behaviour.

    Case-study report of Agricoach Evaluation Case-study report of Agricoach Evaluation Case-study report of Agricoach Evaluation Case-study report of Agricoach Evaluation

    The case-study showed that all farmers appreciate the AgriCoach and they gave it a rating of 8 or higher (out of 10), and confirms that farmers in Burundi have very little access to agricultural information. Farmers value that with the app and information is so close to them, they think of the AgriCoach as their personal agronomist that does not leave their group. In their experience, extension workers pass their village now and then, but with the tablet they can look at the information whenever they need to.

    Farmers specifically appreciate the daily weather forecast to plan their activities and the movies that show the Good Agricultural Practices. Farmers mentioned that they were easy to understand and learned new good practices from it. Farmers have applied most of the good practices on their field and saw a positive change in yield, that motivates to continue with AgriCoach.

    To view the detail info please click this Download PDFAgriCoach Case Study Report

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