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  • Announcement: Scoping Mission to Sudan

    AUXFIN is invited to explore possibilities to contribute to lasting change in Sudan following recent developments, including the recently appointed Cabinet – marking a milestone in Sudan’s history – with a keen interest in transitioning toward sustainable peace and development.

    Sudan seems to be well positioned to benefit strongly from a holistic system for change and impact at the grass root level, facilitating access to a range of essential services, targeting social and financial inclusion. With a strong need for social protection programmes and with a majority of the population depending on agriculture, Sudan seems to provide a context where the implementation of the UMVA platform can contribute to the Government’s drive for lasting change. The UMVA platform has a proven track record of extending financial inclusion to those still excluded by providing them with online transaction accounts that connect them directly to microfinance and government support schemes. The platform can also facilitate Diaspora transactions, thus providing tools for firmly including the Sudanese Diaspora into development. It can furthermore assist rural households in improving their productivity and their input/market connections.

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