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    On February 6, 2019, the national coordination of AUXFIN-Burundi organized a meeting with the "Super Activators SA" and "Master Activators MA" of the provinces of Gitega, Kayanza and Karusi where AUXFIN-Burundi intervenes. The objective of this workshop was to strengthen the capacities of the AUXFIN-Burundi staff who intervene in the field to make it even more efficient in the interventions and supervision for the benefit of the populations benefiting from AUXFIN-Burundi services.

    The national coordinator re-explained in detail the missions assigned to SA and MA in order to further familiarize them with the mission of AUXFIN-Burundi. In addition, He reviewed all the procedures for a good field performance. Many questions from the SA and MA were asked to understand in depth the themes addressed during this session. The meeting of the day was also an opportunity for all members of the staff present to wish each other the New Year's greetings in order to start in a good mood and cohesion.