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Sierra Leone News : SALPOST, Diaspora Affairs And Mic Launch Post Umva Platform

The Sierra Leone Postal Service (SALPOST) in collaboration with the Office..

On Newspapers: SALPOST lunching UMVA Platform

SALPOST lunching UMVA Platform 15 june

Abubakarr Bangura - President, SLCU

Abubakarr Bangura - President, SLCU, Holland gave speech to commemorate the celebration of the international day of remittance in sierra leone on the 16th of june, 2016.

For the speech,..

Newspapers in Sierra Leone

Awoko Newspaper, Sierra Leone today:

Awoko Newspaper published an article on SALPOST to Launch Post UMVA Platform in Sierra Leone.

To view the news, please click this link.

SALPOST starts with UMVA in Sierra Leone

On 16th of June, the international day of family remittances, SALPOST starts with the service of UMVA. The solution for Diaspora to send money home to Sierra Leone at low..

Client Instruction

We have published the Client Instruction book in French and English in "Download Section" of UMVA website.

To see Client Instruction in English and French, please click this

An example of an UMVA installation in Burundi

In Burundi AUXFIN has installed the UMVA platform to support the fertilizer distribution of PAN-PNSEB, a national program to receive subsidized fertilizer for small holder farmers. In total we have..

Happy Nepali New Year 2073 !

Happy New Year 2073!

Happy Nepali New Year 2073 !