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Happy New Year 2069 !

Nepal migrants and remittances report

In the 2nd edition of the 2011 fact book Migration and Remittances from the World Bank we studied the data from NEPAL and compared with..

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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INAFI International Implements a User-Owned, Low Cost Remittance Service, based on UMVA

International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions ( INAFI International) is delighted to announce..


The development in Rwanda to come to a Rural Banking platform has made some good steps. During the last two years AUXFIN has expressed their methodology to develop the platform..

This month's story

Sometimes regulations are holding back the development of rural banking like in central Europe or central asia. AUXFIN has developed the services to work within the existing regulations...

Arrange feasibility study

As a start for a project AUXFIN will organize a feasibility study, in some cases AUXFIN FOUNDATION will support the study with a donation of 50%. Please fill the attached..

Arrange an implementation

After a positive feasibility study AUXFIN will organize the implementation, in some cases AUXFIN FOUNDATION will support the implementation with a donation of maximum 50%.

Please fill the attached form..