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France-Senegal Money Transfer

"Le premier transfert d'argent par UMVA FRANCE vers le Senegal a été réalisé avec succés ce mercredi 08 mai 2013."

"The first succesful transfer of money to Senegal with MECSEF-UMVA..

MECSEF Seminar in France on 21-4-2013

MECSEF organized a seminar in Paris n 21-4, to inform the members on the installation of UMVA and the new services of MECSEF. The seminar was..

AUXFIN signs contract with MECSEF in FRANCE

France and Senegal related websites are active

Two new website related to Migrant and Sacco are live now. Please click below links to visit Migrant and Sacco respectively.

Happy New Year 2070 !

Happy New year 2070!

Happy New year 2070 !

La Casa a good resturant in Burundi, Daphrose making flambee

La Casa a good resturant in Burundi, Daphrose making flambee.

To see the video please click here.

Spain started special promotion for members

Spain Started special promotion to reward gold partners in this..

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013 !

christmas 2014 new year201!

Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2015 !

Visit of Poste Burundi members in Netherland

About CASC

We have renewed the website of Migrant services. CASC is using it. The website is user friendly and easy to use. There are sections for Associations and Groups. The migrant..