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From KA to MA, Ernest Mbonabuca’s journey of service to his community.

From being a Key Activator to Master Activator: the story of Anatole Niyonsaba

Anatole Niyonsaba is currently a Master Activator in Kayanza Province. He shares his journey in serving his community through Auxfin Burundi.


AUXFIN Burundi G50 status report

Our Monitoring & Evaluation team published a report that describes the status and impact of AUXFIN services in the G50 in Gitega, Kayanza and Karusi..

Field report interviews G50 groups March 2021

Field report interviews G50 groups March 2021

In March 2021..

AgriCoach App

AgriCoach is the digital application in the UMVA system for farmers which help in solving when, what and how to achieve best agricultural solutions. Farmers..

Covid-19 Sensitization through G50 network in Burundi

Auxfin, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, was able to popularize prevention messages (texts and videos)..

AgriCoach case studies 2020 - 2021

AgriCoach case studies 2020 - 2021

A total of three..

Social inclusion: Success story of Shadrack Niyonkuru from Karusi

Shadrack Niyonkuru is a group leader from Kanyereza GR1, Nzibariba area, Buhiga district in Karusi province. In his group, the G50's..

Fighting against Covid 19: where are we at in our G50s?

Slightly over one year after the introduction of HealthCoach in the G50s, handmade washing stations can be easily noticed almost everywhere..

What it is like to be an agent of change: testimony of Aimable Bigendako, an MA of Karusi

As an MA, I have the privilege to be on the front line of the G50 network and to get a..