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Building a database of hundreds of pictures and movies

To create the agricultural advice of the AgriCoach, the agronomists of AUXFIN Burundi are in the field every week. The agronomists manage the filming..

Double bean yield for AgriCoach users

Over the last months the bean yield has been measured at the fields of 34 farmers in Gitega, Kayanza and Karusi. The goal of..

Welcoming new members in AUXFIN

We are very pleased to announce Ms. Alina Lamichhane, Ms. Puja Karmacharya and Mr. Bishal Maharjan begin their journey with us.They have successfully finished..

Group meeting maintaining social distance

AUXFIN BURUNDI continue to work with groups in the field, now respecting social distancing, and cleaning of tablets after use. Instructors are..

Case-study report of Agricoach Evaluation

As part of the Monitoring and Evaluation of the GAP4A project, AUXFIN is performing two case-studies with farmers to evaluate the AgriCoach app. The..

Bayimba App Release

Bayimba is a multiple-branched organization that focuses on uplifting arts and culture in Uganda through cultural exchange and creativity. Auxfin is proud to develop..

Happy Nepali New Year 2077!

Happy New Year 2077!

AgriCoach Evaluation

The AgriCoach is an app that provides agricultural information to Burundian farmers. Agriculture is the main activity for most people in rural Burundi supporting..

AUXFIN Development in times of COVID-19

As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees , AUXFIN development team has started to..

Announcing our new Interns 2020

AUXFIN Interns

We are glad to announce that we have four new interns in our AUXFIN Nepal Team. We have..